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Натали закончила "Международный институт менеджмента Линк", факультет лингвистики. Наталья обладатель сертификата международного образца TESOL.
Натали преподает с 2008 года и работает с уровнями от beginner до upper-intermediate. Преподавание английского языка для Натали — это не только представление и практика материала, но и умение установить личный контакт со студентами, умение вырастить студента от нулевых знаний до высокого уровня владения языком. Преподаватель, сравнивая разность обучения детей, взрослых и подростков отдает предпочтение преподаванию детям, делая акцент на большую языковую отдачу в данной возрастной группе.

Why do I love teaching English? That question has many answers. To start with I love the language itself, and while teaching it I have a unique opportunity to discover the hidden depths of the English language. Thinking of new ideas for teaching often feels a lot like playing. It is during moments like those that I feel I have chosen the right path. It is as Torkom Saraydarin said: “The closer you come to your core, the greater is your joy” and continued, “you increase your joy by increasing the pure joy of others”. That is what I am continuously trying to do during my lessons.

I enjoy motivating my students to learn, as I am sure that motivating a person to learn and practice English can spill over positively into other aspects of their lives as well. As Zig Ziglar said: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” Teaching goes far beyond just presenting and practicing the material.

It is about making a personal connection with the students, transforming them from not knowing how to say “hello” to being able to express their thoughts in a foreign language. The thrill of a good and well thought out lesson is incomparable. The students’ energies, their inquisitiveness inspires pushing them harder. I love this constant challenge and I really love children

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