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Мария закончила "Столичный институт переводчиков", факультет "Теории и методики преподавания иностранных языков и культур", по специальности "Учитель английского языка". Мэри имеет сертификаты международного образца CELTA, IHFTBE(бизнес английский). Сертификаты по подготовке к экзаменам IELTS и ЕГЭ.
Педагогическую деятельность Мэри начала в 2008 году, обучая студентов по коммуникативной методике. Результативность занятий и успех студентов крайне важен для педагога, поэтому Мэри берется не только за курсы общего английского, но так же и подготовку к различным экзаменам.
Индивидуальных подход, заботливое отношение к нуждам каждого студента являются неотъемлемыми чертами педагогического портрета Мэри.

During my career I`ve worked with a different range of groups and individual students and I found out that not only each level or each age has something special and new to give to the teacher to deal with, and you`ll never see one students similar to the other or groups of one level that are alike. All that diversity creates a great field for work and creativity. I believe in student-centered teaching-the longer I teach the more diversified the lessons get, the less standardized they are, as far as the program allows. I often use activities to stimulate the students` creativity like Drama in the classroom-through role plays and emotional sketches. That helps to make their speech more natural,improves writing as well. 
One of the key points of teaching English, in my opinion, is that the objectives shouldn`t be something distant, only belonging to the future-something that they will need for their jobs or for travel. That`s not motivational enough for a teenager, you know! However, the same applies to all ages. Students want to enjoy classes and they want to see the result, to get something here and now. My task is to give it to them-using the song they like listening to, the movies, the media, podcasts and the educational stuff on YouTube-using all kind of information that is interesting for them today and provokes discussion.
Another essential is creating a friendly atmosphere in the classroom not only in terms os Student-Teacher communication, but making a group out of a few people who do know each other, growing into something like a team. I encourahe them to communicate outside the classroome as well-for mutual help and extra language practice, and of course for lively communicatio as it is.
That`s why we learn languages, after all-to enlarge our world.

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