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For Teachers

We offer competitive packages depending on experince and qualification which include a competitive salary and visa reimbursement, free shared accomodation, travel allowance, medical care.

9 and 6 months valid contract include:
  • 5-day working week (workdays may be weekdays and weekends depending on the schedule), 

  • 2 consecutive or non-consecutive days-off on any day of the week, as mutually agreed between the teacher and the school, 

  • 90 normal teaching hours(120 ac hours) where : 6 ac hours for stand-by, placement testing, teachers' meetings, seminars, open days, conversation clubs, parties, promo-activities as part of the curriculum and/or plan of events of the school, 

  • 7 days of paid holidays, free accomodation no more than 40 min from the school, reimbursement of flight tickets, visa, medical insurance expenses and much more.

The application should include the following: 

  • Resume 

  • University or College diploma(scans) 

  • TEFL/CELTA.DELTA/TESOL certificates or their equivalent(scans)
  • Letters of recommendation 

  • Recent photo

For more information please contact:

Mrs. Argatova Alexandra

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